Custom Templates

Custom Industry Templates allow you to get more work done in less time. Our templates build in all the complex calculations to simplfy the estimators job and prevent costly estimating errors. Choose from one of our built in templates or we can customize one specifically for your business.


When your company has unique and specific ways of doing business that require more functionality than an off the shelf solution can deliver we can customize your solution. Custom Templates provide a unique opportunity to build in specific functionality, based on your exact specifications, ultimately making it unique to your company.

Your Advanced Calculations Simplified

Calculate your pricing based on your own formulas. Complex area calculations made simplified. Material volume calculations with your custom rates and ratios. What ever you need, we build your competitive advantage right into your app.

Project flow your way

We make it easy to create your dream workflow. We handle all of the technical stuff so you can focus on more important things. Our dedicated team works side by side with you through every step of the process to bring your vision to life. Customize the built in workflow for smoothly creating, scheduling, working, invoicing and following up on your projects the way you want to.

Getting your custom template

We make pricing easy and extremely affordable with a one time flat fee for development that costs pennies when compared to traditional custom development costs. Your solution is built right into Estimate Rocket and you get all the benefits of a custom solution at a fraction of the cost. Your template and will be available for the life of your subscription.

Enterprise Plan

Larger companies may be interested in our Enterprise Plan. It is available for companies with more than 5 users that subscribe to an annual payment plan. Enterprise Plan customers get additional support options as well as customization options that are not included in the other plans. Call us if you want more information about the Enterprise Plan.

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