Estimate Rocket Presents:

Relationships and Business: Session 3


Though we all, as entrepreneurs, think of ourselves as fiercely independent, it's the connections we make both at home and at work that help us to reach our goals and be successful.
Corrie discusses methods to cultivate healthy family relationships,  improve employee and team engagement, and widen your network of industry connections.

Want More?

This workshop series offers 5 sessions to help you grow your business while managing your stress and improving yur overall health and relationships.

1) July 15, 2 pm ET - Stress Targeting
2) July 22, 2 pm ET - Time Management for Work and Life
3) July 29, 2 pm ET - Relationships and Business
4) August 5, 2 pm ET - Long-Term Health for Service Contractors
5) August 12, 2 pm ET - Growth Mindset that Keeps Stress Low and Success High



Corrie Leister

Owner of Inspired By U
Chris Shank
Education and Engagement Manager
at Estimate Rocket