Energize your Franchise business with Estimate Rocket

Estimate Rocket provides the tools to help your franchisees increase sales and efficiency, as we have for hundreds of other service contracting companies, through our automated followups and project management focus.


Franchisor Features

Our Franchise Headquarters Package expands Estimate Rocket to provide the oversight and controls that franchisors require:

  • Franchisor level logins to franchisee accounts
  • Input call center leads into the appropriate franchisee calendar based on proximity
  • View and export consolidated summary reports of franchisee invoices
  • View and export detailed franchisee reports and data
  • Analyze lead source performance
  • Sales and crew performance summaries
  • Closing ratio insight - New vs Closed
  • Sales and work order backlog

Rapid Implementation

We have a 2 month implementation cycle upon project approval. We have a proven track record for delivering our solutions on time. We offer tailored pricing based on organization size and customization requirements.

Get Started

Our Franchise team is ready to get your organization up and running now. Estimate Rocket will enable franchisees to achieve new levels of success while giving franchisors the controls and oversight they need.

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