Our Team

Tom Droste

President & CEO

Tom has a passion for developing great technology to solve real world problems and helping customers implement them successfully. Some of Tom’s hobbies include hiking, bike riding, and cooking. He’d like to travel to Spain and Alaska some day, his favorite color is red, and he has a rescue dog named Daisy.

Steve Johnson

Head of Product & Development

Steve loves helping customers grow their businesses. His favorite musician is Sufjan Stevens, and he couldn’t live without good food, especially homemade pizza. His favorite quote is “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” from Albert Einstein.

Kathleen Droste

Director of Sales & Business Partnerships

Kathleen truly love sales and building business partnerships. It gives her a chance to tell a story about the exceptional team that we have put together at Logical Engine. Kathleen’s proudest moment was being the 1st grandchild in her family to go to college. She loves to bake, spin, do yoga, and just about anything with her family.

Tommy Droste

Customer Success, Graphic Design, Web, Media, & Video Development

Tommy enjoys helping people make their business workflow more efficient and solving problems. He specializes in graphic design, web development, and customer support. Tommy's favorite color is black and his favorite musician is Michael Jackson. He'd like to go to Africa, but for now, his favorite place to travel is Japan.

Kayla Suhm

Customer Success, Content Creation, Marketing, & Media Promotion

Kayla loves helping customers and being creative through writing and design. She has 2 cats named House and Dr. Pepper and is afraid of spiders. Kayla's definition of success is happiness. Her favorite food is goat cheese, and she'd love to travel anywhere with great food and no snow- especially California, Spain, and Italy.