Job Management

Estimate Rocket gives your business a solid platform to work off of with plenty of space to record important project details as well as tools to keep every job in motion towards completion.


Find the most updated information on every project with the Dashboard. Quickly view scheduled appointments, tasks, current project statuses, and more.

Job Information

Track the details of every project in one place where it can always be found and never go missing. Constant syncing with the cloud ensures data is backed up and will never need to be double entered.

Schedule Events

The integrated calendar allows you to schedule your on site appointments with your clients and will automatically organize your schedule for each day. Even sync up to iCal, Google Calendars, and other third party services.

Set Reminders

The automated workflow helps keep every project moving by allowing users to set reminders for tasks. Now you can deliver on time, every time.

Financial Reports

View up to the minute reports and know exactly where every job stands. At a glance, track where your projects are coming from, who is closing the most sales and who is completing the most projects. Summary reports that give you the overview let you drill into the details with a click, all the way to the project details.

Accounting Export

Easily export sales and reciept data and import directly to QuickBooks or any other accounting software that imports spreadsheets.

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