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 Live Events

User Conference: Accelerated Team Training - January 18-19, 2024 - Join us for an online, two-afternoon team training on progressive practices in Estimate Rocket to help you scale your business and use our software to power your sales and profit plan. This is an online, user-only event and will include training on primary use and new features, champion user guidance, workshop-style practice exercises, solutions roundtable, and open discussion. Bring any member of your team that uses or touches Estimate Rocket, especially new employees!

Collaboration Tuesdays - every Tuesday, 2 pm ET - Collaboration Tuesdays bring Estimate Rocket users together to collaborate on commonly encountered topics, and get better at the following skills: Estimating, Follow-up Campaigns, Project Workflow, Sales and Profit Planning.


Check out our latest replays of Collab Tuesdays called The Quick ‘n Dirty for specific roles in your company! Includes timesavers for:

Tech Tips - new Tech Tips every week that help you learn to use Estimate Rocket! 

  • New - Texting proposals
  • New - Quick-action buttons
  • New - Employee notifications

New Features

  • Tutorials on all Quick-Action buttons

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