6 Estimate Rocket integrations to help you streamline your work

6 Estimate Rocket integrations to help you streamline your work | Estimate Rocket

Running a business is hard work, but finding ways to streamline your processes can save you time and money both now and in the long run. Estimate Rocket can help you create, organize, and keep track of your clients, projects, invoices, and payments, but here are some apps you can use alongside it to simplify your workflow even further:


Zapier is a service that helps apps communicate with each other. Using triggers and actions, you can send information between apps and streamline your workflow by eliminating things like double data entry. Zapier integrates with hundreds of apps which means many of the apps you use can likely be integrated.

Check out some other ways to use Zapier here.


QuickBooks is a tool for keeping track of your business finances and accounting. Estimate Rocket can communicate with both the Online and Desktop versions of QuickBooks and send new client, invoice, and payment information there. If you use QuickBooks Desktop, check out this tutorial on importing your Estimate Rocket info.

If you use the Online version, you can set up a zap (using Zapier) to transfer information between the two. First, you’ll need to connect your Estimate Rocket account with Zapier. Then, follow the instructions here and here to set up invoice and payment syncing, respectively.


YouCanBook.me is an online scheduling platform that syncs with your calendar, allowing customers to schedule appointments with you. By integrating YouCanBook.me with Estimate Rocket, you can let your customers schedule appointments online based on your availability, then have those appointments sent to your Estimate Rocket schedule. Here’s how.

Form services

Web forms can be a very helpful tool for your business. You can get the information you need from your prospect without the back and forth. For example, your form can ask questions like: “What type of work are you looking to have done?” “What is your budget for this work?”, and “Do you have a time frame you’d like the work to be completed in?”

With a Zapier integration to a form service, your prospect can fill out your website form, and a new project with notes from your form fields can be automatically generated. Saving you even more time!

Your Calendar

Using the Subscribe to Calendar link in Estimate Rocket’s Schedule screen, you can sync all or individual calendars from Estimate Rocket to your Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook Calendar, so you can see all of your appointments in one place.


Many people prefer to pay invoices with a card to get points, cash back, or simply because they don’t always have their checkbook or cash. Accepting credit and debit cards isn’t just helpful to your customers, though. Estimate Rocket helps you get paid faster by integrating with Stripe, a payment processing system, so your customers can pay invoices online simply by clicking Pay with Card and entering their card number. Here’s how to get set up.

Still not sure about accepting cards? Here are some more reasons why it’s good for business.

Do you integrate Estimate Rocket with any other apps? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

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