The Vision Conference is an end-of-year into beginning-of-year leadership training program for your company’s executive and sales teams that trains decisionmakers on high-level sales and profit planning that can become a game changer.

Join us for Estimate Rocket’s online Vision Conference and create a highly strategic plan to increase sales and profit for the next year!

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The Vision Conference will be offered in workshop style with instructional training and collaboration exercises that cover the following topics starting October 14, 2 pm ET, and continue every other Thursday of each month until February 17.

Session agendas will offer training presentations, tactical exercises worksheets, and group collaboration; and will include assistance from software experts and veteran users.


We bring the kind of sales and profit planning strategies governing Estimate Rocket’s own growth and the growth of our most successful customers, and we’ll show you how to level-up and join a higher tier of vision-casting!

These vision conferences are planned at the perfect time of year to help you course-correct and get ready for new growth before you're underwater with heavy spring and summer production processes!

Attendees will build strategic systems and experience collaborative practice in the following:

  • Sales trend analysis
  • Lead-sale-invoice-payment workflow
  • P/L reports
  • Customer segmentation
  • Growth targeting
  • Sales team staffing and training
  • Lead generation inventory
  • Cultivating new markets
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales process
  • Profit trend and actuals analysis
  • Vendor relationships and negotiation
  • Technology integration and training

Tom Droste, Founder & CEO of Estimate Rocket

Tom brings with him a rich background in accounting, technology development, organizational change, and growth consultation for corporations and entrepreneurs.

The content schedule is as follows:

Sales Planning Profit Planning
  • October 21- A New Language
  • October 28 - Trend Analysis Requirements
  • November 11 - Sales Trend Analysis
  • November 18 - Putting the Sales Plan Together

  • December 9 - Profit Planning
  • December 23 - Cost Benefit Analysis
  • January 6 - Profit Plan
  • January 20 - Smart Priorities
  • February 3 - Team Meetings
  • February 17 - Company Vision