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Did we make a mistake?

Should we have named “Estimate Rocket” the “Cash Flow App”?

To small and large business – Cash Is King! Any book, consultant or webinar will reinforce that message. The best way to learn/confirm the axiom is to have run a small business and need to meet a payroll!

Recently feedback from customers about the effect of using the “Estimate Rocket” app has been:

  • Improved Professionalism
  • Efficiency in Scheduling and Traveling to Estimates
  • Increased Closing Ratios & Up sell Ratios
  • Improved Frequency of Communication (Follow-up) with Prospects with Outstanding Estimates
  • Speed of Close/Commitment by Customers
  • Increased Perceived Value
  • Increased Speed of Invoicing

Improved Cash Flow? That comment got my attention so I went digging and started interviewing users. It seems the end effect of all the benefits of “Estimate Rocket” is improved cash flow.

  1. The professionalism exhibited by using the app differentiates you with prospects. Prospects are saying YES to estimates faster than ever before.
  2. Most companies are saving money by increasing the productivity of estimating activity due to calculation features as well as prioritization and mapping features. Simply stated – those with dedicated estimators are doing more estimates per day.
  3. Closing Ratios are growing not only because of the professionalism but because the data base within the app is allowing firms to religiously email outstanding estimates with reminders and special offers.
  4. Firms are gaining the confidence to test the elasticity of their pricing and are getting more for the work because of the calculation features.
  5. Invoices are getting out faster (many the same day) when work is done because of the invoicing feature.

The five benefits above ALL INCREASE and IMPROVE CASH FLOW!

Cash flow is king and “Estimate Rocket’ delivers! So if improved cash flow is among your goals, consider trying “Estimate Rocket” FREE for 30 days. If I am right give me a call and tell us to rename the app! We believe in proper branding and truth in advertising!

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