Estimate Rocket Plus A Call Center

The Estimate Rocket + A Call Center = Ultimate Sales Capacity

Paul DelFino

Over the recent month Logical Engine has completed training for Information Communication Group a call center in Kansas. This progressive call center has created a capability to support their customers who wish to use Estimate Rocket.


Every successful entrepreneur and contractor is always trying to create processes and systems that eliminate every potential barrier that their prospects can create not to buy their service. The Estimate Rocket goes a long way to meeting that objective by :

  • managing your prospect flow and scheduling
  • making it easy for prospects to say yes by merely responding to an email estimate

But – how many sales are lost because you did not answer the phone when the customer called? Yes – it could have been evening or you were on a job with your hands full of tools. By deploying a call center EVERY call gets answered by a human and you end up being more productive. You are always ready to do business when your customer is ready to do business.

Many prospects only have time on evenings and weekends to address their personal project needs. When these busy people get an automated response from a new potential service provider, many merely hang up or call the next vendor on the list.


Your call center can be supplied with a script to get the information you require from any prospect and then load (key in) that data into your Estimate Rocket system. The call center becomes a user of your secure system. With this approach:

you always capture the information of every prospect who may use your service your call back is always more efficient since you have had time to assess the need before you call back inefficient and frustrating telephone tag is eliminated as your call center agents are supplying you with the ideal time to call back


As consumers we have all had bad experiences with call centers. It is uncomfortable calling into a company and quickly identifying that the person answering the phone: does not work for the company, does not know a thing about the product or service and just makes things tougher by taking a bad message where you have no confidence you will even get a return call. We all have also had experiences where we called into a company and were handled so professionally that we ended the call faster than ever imagined and thought to ourselves – WOW – that was easy and that company “has its act together!” It all depends on:

  • The training
  • The formalization of the process and discipline
  • The quality of the personnel

With professional call center services you can: feel local, appear global and deliver “beyond expectation” service ANYTIME A PROSPECT IS READY TO CALL YOU!


  • Call center services for small business makes sense to insure you are there and ready when your new prospect is ready.
  • Call centers can increase your personal productivity and actually deliver a good ROI on that fact alone.
  • Good call center services can be seamless to your prospects and customers.
  • Logical Engine can introduce you to Information Communications Group and will provide you with special pricing so adding your call center as another user is relatively inexpensive.

Paul DelFino is a principal of the consulting firm Opportunity Inc. For nearly two decades he has assisted entrepreneurs in growing their businesses, responding to economic downturns and merger and acquisition activity. He has consulted with Logical Engine since its inception. His publications include “Avoiding Skewed Entrepreneurial Strategies” available from all on line booksellers.

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