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How a CRM app can make your business thrive in 2020

One of the biggest challenges for any business is managing your customer base. You want to be sure that you’re staying up-to-date on their needs and requests while also providing outstanding service and exceeding their expectations.


As a result, one of the greatest tools you can utilize for 2020 is CRM software - or customer relationship management software. This is one of our favorite features at Estimate Rocket and here are some more reasons why it’s so important.


Convert leads to actual sales


According to research by Salesforce, without a CRM system, 79% of leads are never converted to sales. That means almost eight out of 10 leads in your system will never generate revenue. It also means that you need to expect a lot out of those two customers you do convert. So, how does a CRM help?


At its heart, all CRM programs are about building relationships. As a result, the software or app works with you to keep track of client interactions and communication that can help you better develop an ongoing relationship with the client. For example, keeping track of when quotes are sent or when tickets are filed gives you the opportunity to closely track which clients you are engaging with and when.


Additionally, a CRM can help to shorten your sales cycle. Estimate Rocket clients have told us that with a shorter sales cycle, they’re seeing money make it into their accounts faster.


Automate follow-up to maintain relationships


One of the best ways to keep a client engaged is to regularly follow-up. This is especially important following a job or other type of service call. It reinforces your commitment to the client and it tells them that you aren’t too busy or too overwhelmed to make contact. Additionally, checking in with your client just for the sake of it lets the client know that you value their business, even when you’re not actively engaged in a revenue-generating project.


As with any tool you use for your business, one of the most important aspects of implementing and using CRM software is getting the most out of it. It’s important to give yourself time to learn all of the different features, how they can help your business and stay updated on new releases or enhancements. This is one reason why we love working so closely with our clients at Estimate Rocket. Our ultimate goal is your success and we pride ourselves on working hard to give you the tools and support you need. And we have proof it works; our customers tell us that by using the automated features in Estimate Rocket, it’s almost like having a personal assistant. Imagine having the equivalent of an extra person reaching out to your clients?


Be sure that whatever CRM system you choose has the same commitment of both time and talent to give you the tools you need. It should be able to help you increase customer satisfaction, turn leads into sales, maintain client relationships, and make it easier to work with your customers for years to come.


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