New: Internal texts & @ Mentions!

Employee notifications and SMS / text alerts are now available in Estimate Rocket!

This is a great way to enhance the communication with your team members, keep your crews in sync, and delegate tasks quickly and easily.

Employee Notification

There are 3 new employee notifications:

  • Employee assignment to an estimate or a work order
    • This is triggered when a user is scheduled to do an estimate or work order
    • Notification will go to full users and field users
  • Employee calendar event assignment
    • From the schedule page the addition of a task, the assigned user will be notified immediately
  • Employee @ note field notification
    • When the user types in an @ the employee list will be seen and any employee can be notified immediately. 
    • Multiple employees can be notified at one time by using multiple @ symbols


Detail Page on Triggering Employee Notifications

SMS / Text Alerts

SMS / Text alerts work with the new employee notifications as well as 4 of the original notifications. 

Notifications that can trigger a SMS / Text alert:

  • Employee Schedule Project Assignment
  • Employee Schedule Task Assignment
  • Employee @ note mention
  • Client Viewed Proposal
  • Client Accepted Proposal
  • Client Requested Changes on Proposal
  • Client Made Payment on Proposal


The SMS / Text alert on the employee notifications is immediate. The alert on the client activities all trigger based on a delay. If the notification has not been marked as read in the preset number of minutes a SMS / Text alert will be triggered. 

Detailed help page on setting up notification SMS / Text alerts

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