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How-to Make Your Team Remote

Posted on April 06, 2020

Our customers, our team at Estimate Rocket, and workplaces globally are in uncharted territory. The majority of states in the U.S. have enacted some form of shelter-in-place to slow the spread of COVID-19, challenging businesses universally. We're here to help you adapt and keep yourself solvent during these strange times. 

Estimate Rocket continues to provide our customers with electronic options for quoting, invoicing, payments, and signature collection during a time when social distancing is #1.  

If you combine virtually quoting your customers, you can create a stream of revenue to move you through this climate. Here are the step-by-steps to taking your team remote.


Steps to Make Your Team Remote:

Choose Your Virtual Tool:

But how can you use tools like these to keep your busy running? Let's examine some of the best ways to implement these tools.


Reach out to your customers and fill them in.

A lot is happening right now for everyone. You've more than likely received your own avalanche of emails from any business you've ever interacted with that has advised you on how they are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

When you decide to write one of your own, be conscious of communication fatigue. Be concise and to the point: you are open for business; you are using a new virtual platform; you can create estimates, invoices, and deposits/payments online, and you want your clients to join you. We've got a head start for your emails here. Don't forget to update your social channels with your current business decisions too!


Set up your account to take online payments.

Many of our customers finding success during this challenging time are creating virtual estimates, scheduling work 6-8 weeks in advance, and accepting a deposit with a credit or debit card.You can collect payments and deposits immediately after your client approves the deal. Follow this link for instructions on how to get set up with payments and start securing your funds faster. Or you can watch this video to do it.


Practice Before Your Calls

To test your set-up, turn on your webcam and see how the image looks. The way the webcam works within your meeting program won't change the set-up so much, so this should give you a good idea of what you're working with:

  • Lighting: For the best results, you'll want your lighting to be in front of you (i.e. behind your computer monitor or webcam). If you have lighting coming from behind you everything will be cast into shadow including your face.
  • Background: Now is a good time to look at whatever is on the wall behind you and how work-appropriate it is. A blank, solid color wall is the best option, but some decor on the walls would also be okay. Just make sure to take down anything that someone might consider inappropriate.


Have Estimate Rocket Open and Ready

As you're conducting the call, you can create the proposal in real-time, review the specs with your client, and press send. Your customer can review and accept the proposal in real-time.

If your business is in service, you can place them on the schedule and accept a deposit or payment virtually - no face to face is required. 

If your business is currently on pause, you could place them on the schedule 6-8 weeks out and accept a deposit virtually. Be sure to keep your client up to date if any shelter-in-place restrictions extend.