Estimate Rocket’s Top Productivity Apps of 2019

What tools do you use to stay productive? Checklists? A notebook? A calendar? Maybe you use all of these and more.

There are so many tools out there to help with productivity that figuring out the best apps to keep yourself organized can become a huge task itself. We made a list of our favorites to make that task a bit more manageable for you.

Amazon Alexa

The Alexa app is the companion app to your Amazon devices. Add items your grocery list, set timers and reminders, play music, or make a call hands-free!

Apple Notes

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, Apple Notes can keep your thoughts organized and synced between your devices. Make checklists, sort your notes into folders, and collaborate with family and friends.


Asana helps you get things done by creating your to-do list the way you need it for each project. Create list- or board-type projects based on your needs and add as many links and attachments as you’d like. Then, invite your team to join the project so you can work together.


Do you find yourself going back and forth with customers to find an appointment time that works for both of you? A scheduling app like Calendly is an excellent solution. Set your availability and sync it with your existing calendar app. Then, email a link (or embed Calendly into your website) and let people schedule meetings on their own.

Dictation Apps

Dictation apps are helpful for multi-tasking and getting things done hands-free. Open an app on your device, take a quick note, or send a text or email without lifting a finger. Here’s Zapier’s list of The Best Dictation Software for 2019 for some great options.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of our team’s main productivity tools. With the ability to create and collaborate on word documents, spreadsheets, or audio files, Google Docs keeps everyone on the same page. Our team has a shared folder that stores our information in one easily accessible place.


This password manager generates secure passwords and keeps them safe in your Vault. LastPass can also pull your stored credentials into the login boxes for websites you've saved, making logging in quick and easy.


Mint makes it simple to keep track of your personal finances in one place. Manage your bills, monitor your credit score, set personalized budgets, and see personalized suggestions based on your spending habits.


Zapier is a service that helps apps communicate with each other. Using triggers and actions, information can be sent between apps, eliminating double entry. Focus on more important tasks by automating the tedious ones.

Are there any great tools that we missed? Let us know what productivity apps you use in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter!

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