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Nick May from the Pro-Painter Network, Tom Droste and Chris Shank from Estimate Rocket hopped on a quick session on August 11th to discuss the differences between a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) and a Customer Management System (CMS) and why you need one if you want to grow your business.

Nick May's successful painting company Walls By Design is able to track, measure, and scale his business using Estimate Rocket and showed a few tips how he uses Estimate Rocket to have a solid process to get estimates into the field fast as well as track and measure the work so that nothing gets missed.

Tom, CEO of Estimate Rocket, spoke about the many benefits and time-savings involved in using a Customer Management System including the idea that if you only save 1-2 hours per month getting more organized, you've more than paid for the cost of such a system.

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Chris spoke about becoming a learning organization, and how Estimate Rocket is investing in helping our users through the RIVAL program and many more become stronger competitors in the market, breaking through the barriers to growth and scaling your company.

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All in all, the key to success with any system is taking the time to implement it thoughtfully, regardless of whether the system is paper-based or technological solution, it takes growth and change to move to that next level. Estimate Rocket is investing heavily in 2021 in helping you do just that through collaborative sessions and workshops based on best-practices and learning in the industry. 

If you're interested in more from PPN, including their write up of this session, definitely check them out. Or register for our totally free RIVAL sessions to learn how to up your game, become more competitive in the marketplace, and rival your best performance.

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