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Whatever you call it, Estimate, Quote, Bid, or Proposal, it is important to deliver professional estimates to your prospective clients in a timely manner. The longer it takes to get a proposal into your customers’ hands the higher the chance they have already accepted a competitor’s bid.

How your proposal looks is just as important as how fast you deliver it. An easy-to-read, professional looking document will increase your chances of closing a sale when compared to your competitor’s sloppy, hand written, or verbal estimate.

A professional estimate will reflect your company’s superior qualifications and experience, which also means it will increase your prospective clients trust in your abilities. Being seen as more professional than your competition will help you close more sales without needing to be the lowest priced bid.

Once your customer accepts your proposal, the next step is to deliver the goods or services. If you deliver on time and within your estimate, you will not only have created customers, but FANS! Fans tell others about their great experience, so what started out as a simple proposal can end up generating more business through word of mouth.

That’s why we’ve created, to give you a leg up on your competition and help you save time and close more sales. Estimate Rocket helps you put an estimate in your customers’ hands while you are on site, and track your projects through every step so you always end up with satisfied customers. Checkout out our home page for more information and signup for our FREE 30 Day Trial to see how Estimate Rocket can improve your business!

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