Vision Conference 2021-2022 is here!


The Vision Conference is here to help you with Sales and Profit Planning for 2021 and 2022! Tom Droste , co-founder and CEO at Estimate Rocket, joins us for this special Estimate Rocket Radio episode to talk about what to expect at the Vision Conference that extends from October 21, 2021 into February of 2022. The ten sessions will be hosted two times a month and will help you collect numbers and trends from your past year's sales and financials which will be plugged into strategic initiatives and practical steps to help you achieve your goals. Tom will draw on his background in accounting to help you better understand the most important numbers in your business, and he has prepared spreadsheets to help you determine the approach you need to take to increase your future income and profit based on your findings. Every session will supply attendees with tactical exercises to be taken back and completed so you can come to every session prepared to envision the next steps for your company and help your team catch the vision.

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