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On this episode of Estimate Rocket Radio we talk with the always thought-provoking Brandon Lewis of the Painters Academy. Brandon helps his clients build sales and marketing systems that plug in the right numbers to set the right goals in planning. He doesn't pull any punches when he exposes weak strategies that cause contractors to waste their time! Brandon always shoots straight with people about the kind of consistency, hard work, and simple calculations that can set their business on the right track and get the kind of results that make business worthwhile. It's also a plus that he helps his clients understand the value of using a sales enablement system like Estimate Rocket to execute on big  yearly goals in sales and profit planning.

Learn more about the Vision Conference (FREE!) and register at https://www.estimaterocket.com/visionconference.

Learn more about The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors at https://www.paintersacademy.com/.

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